A number of areas in rural Oxfordshire have poor or non-existent broadband internet and mobile phone coverage. Fast internet connections and good mobile phone coverage are essential in today’s business environment.

What's happening in Oxfordshire

At the request of the Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey MP, Oxfordshire County Council with Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership has taken a lead role in finding a solution to address the current market failure. As a consequence, work is now in place to bring next generation broadband access to Oxfordshire by 2015 – with speeds of up to 24Mb to wide areas of the county and significant improvements to the rest.

The OxOnline partnership spans the private, public and community sectors. It is supported by all six local authorities in Oxfordshire and the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.


The Government’s Broadband Delivery UK will be providing £3.86 million, which will be matched by Oxfordshire County Council. The council will provide significant additional funding available to help move this work forward.

More information

Further information can be found on Oxfordshire County Council's website.