Oxfordshire LEP - who are we and what do we do?

The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), formally launched by the Business Minister, Mark Prisk MP, in March 2011 is responsible for championing and developing the Oxfordshire economy. Now in its sixth year of operation, OxLEP has made considerable progress in strengthening Oxfordshire's economy by establishing robust and effective relationships between businesses, academia and the public sector.

This strong partnership is reflected within Our Board - a body of Non-Executive Directors who are leaders within education, business and local authorities across Oxfordshire. With their support OxLEP can act as an informed, independent advocate for those driving innovation and growth across the county. In addition, we are also able to prioritise the key programmes needed to address priority deficiencies identified in Oxfordshire.

For more information on OxLEP please download our mini brochure.

Our Vision for Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire as a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive, world leading economy, driven by innovation, enterprise and research excellence.

OxLEP Priorities

Deliver and attract specialist and flexible skills at all levels, across all sectors, as required by our businesses, with full, inclusive employment and fulfilling jobs.
OxLEP Place Icon.jpg Provide the quality environment and choice of homes needed to support growth and capitalise upon the exceptional quality of life, vibrant economy and the dynamic urban and rural communities of our county.
Encourage innovation led growth, underpinned by Oxfordshire’s strengths in University research and development, business collaboration and supply chain potential.
Allow people to move freely, connect easily and provide the services, environment and facilities needed by a dynamic, growing and dispersed economy.

Focus for Growth

OxLEP believes Oxfordshire is a great place to do business. In addition, we believe that Bicester, Oxford and Science Vale UK and its Enterprise Zones are great hubs for significant commercial opportunities for world class businesses.

Legal Status

Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership Ltd., know as OxLEP, is a private not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.
Company number: 9519056