Privacy Policy

You can access our website homepage and browse our site without disclosing your personal data. There may be pages on the site that invite visitors to send information via forms or email to enable you to ask for publications or information and advice, or to tell us what you think about particular issues. Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership takes great care of any personal information you give us in this way and in the following paragraphs we set out how any personal information you give us is treated. If you choose to give us information about yourself you will be consenting to the collection, processing and storage of the information you provide.

Before collecting any personal details through its websites, Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership will tell you why we need the information and what it will be used for. You always have the option of declining to give us personal information or data.

Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership ensures that only staff that have a business reason to look at your information or data can do so, they cannot look at your information or data for personal reasons or out of curiosity. Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership may employ other companies and individuals to do work which may mean they have access to some personal information or data but they have the same restrictions as our own staff and are never allowed to use it for any other purpose. Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership will never sell personal information or data or share personal information or data with third parties unrelated to the services we provide unless we are required to do so by law or unless you have told us you consent to our doing this.

Information you provide will be stored by Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and used to process the request; it will be retained for a reasonable period. Where a business transaction is then enacted commercial records may be retained for up to seven years.

Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership has no way of knowing if any person providing information through this site is who they say they are. Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership will assume all information is genuine and cannot be held responsible for any action taken as a result on relying it. If you have any reason to think someone has provided information to Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership using your identity please let us know and we will correct or delete the information. You have the right to request us to remove personal data from our website at any time. To do so, please contact the appropriate directorate below.

Should you have any concern regarding collection, processing, storage or disclosure of information submitted via this website please contact Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership. You have the right to ask for a copy of the personal information or data Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership holds about you. You will be asked to confirm your identity and pay a fee, currently £10. If the information we hold about you is wrong you have the right to ask us to correct it.