Strategic Economic Plan

Our Strategic Economic Plan for Oxfordshire is now published and is available to download in three online formats:

  • A full colour web-based version containing images and hyperlinks to associated websites here
  • A full colour PDF with images can be downloaded here
  • For those without access to superfast broadband connections, a PDF without images but with hyperlinks to associated websites can be downloaded here


This refreshed version of the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for Oxfordshire takes into account evidence that has become available since the first SEP was produced in 2014, including new strategies relating to skills, innovation, culture and heritage, and natural resources and the environment. It acknowledges the changing context for Oxfordshire’s economic well-being. It also responds to substantial engagement from the county’s businesses, universities, research institutions, local authorities, voluntary and community sectors, and many of its residents. Like its predecessor, this refreshed SEP signals our strong ongoing commitment to sustainable economic growth across the county.

Oxfordshire’s SEP is intended to be a widely-owned “economic route map” focused on supporting the economic performance, potential and prospects of Oxfordshire, and managing the county’s strong economic growth to ensure sustainability and inclusivity.