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Growth Hub for Oxfordshire

We operate as the growth hub for Oxfordshire, simplifying the business support landscape and helping individuals and businesses to easily connect. 

OxLEP Business’ provision of critical support has allowed many amongst our business community to become more agile and flexible, whilst also encouraging greater levels of business diversification, particularly in-light of COVID-19.

Business support tool

Take our business support tool

At OxLEP, it is our aim to signpost the county's businesses to the most-appropriate business support. 

By completing our short business support tool, we can better understand your needs and provide you with more targeted help, advice and support. 

Innovation Support for Business

Innovation Support for Business

OxLEP Business' Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) programme is designed to drive and commercialise the innovative business ideas of Oxfordshire's SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Social enterprises and SME scale-ups

Social enterprises and scale-ups

Our business support programme, eScalate, is designed to help social enterprises to succeed and also to help businesses to scale-up.

Events, webinars and workshops

Events, webinars and workshops

We run a programme of events, webinars and workshops supporting your business' respective operations and ambitions.

Funding and grants

Funding and grants

We offer our business community a variety of different funding and grant opportunities, supporting you to grow, innovate and potentially enable further job creation within your organisation.