OxLEP Skills

OxLEP Skills

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Our Approach

OxLEP Skills is here to help both young people and our business community fully-understand the importance of creating the right career pathways, ensuring that business and education communicate effectively too. 

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Our Programmes

We offer young people and businesses across Oxfordshire a wide variety of support to ensure both groups understand the opportunities available to them.

Our support is constantly evolving to suit what our businesses need to help them achieve a successful talent pipeline. 

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Skills Capital Infrastructure

To support the need from employers to provide increased numbers of Higher-Level technical provision, OxLEP has invested around £23million in skills capital infrastructure.

This is to support a range of provision aligned to key sectors and priorities including apprenticeships and T-Levels, right across Oxfordshire.

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Labour Market Information

To support young people to understand the sectors in demand within Oxfordshire, as well as career opportunities, we develop regular Labour Market Information, helping to prepare our future workforce.

Featured Skills

Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards

Each year, we champion apprenticeship excellence in Oxfordshire through the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards.

Find out more on the latest event, which took place on 19 May 2022.