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Through our OxLEP Skills team, we can help young people and Oxfordshire businesses find out more about the benefits and opportunities available through apprenticeship schemes.

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Find Your Future

Find Your Future, OxLEP’s online careers platform for young people, schools/colleges and parents/carers will be available to access for 12 months from 25th March 2021.

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ESF Skills for Business

Oxfordshire is one of the UK’s economic success stories, with strong foundations and world-leading assets, giving it a reputation as one of the best locations in the world to innovate. OxLEP recognises that developing ‘people’ and ‘skills’ is critical to ensuring economic success. 

The Skills for Business programme is part funded through the European Social Fund (ESF). It provides practical support for Small, Medium sized Businesses (SME’) to identify and evaluate their skills and learning needs, including upskilling current staff.

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Enterprise Advisor Network

Our network of Enterprise Advisors help to establish greater links between education providers and businesses in Oxfordshire.

This programme is part-funded by The Careers and Enterprise Company.

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Community Employment Plans (CEPs)

Across Oxfordshire, there are multiple large-scale infrastructure projects being developed or planned. In order to maximise the benefits of the developments on communities, we aim to ensure that local people can better access to job opportunities. These are led through the development of Community Employment Plans (CEPs). 

CEPs are employer-led initiatives which can form part of S106 planning obligation for significant developments which can include Apprenticeships and employment or training initiatives for the long term unemployed and those furthest from the workforce.