What will the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership do?

The Local Enterprise Partnership will:

  • provide collective leadership across Oxfordshire
  • champion growth and innovation
  • break down barriers and ensure that the right support mechanisms are in place where they are needed.

It must add value by building on what exists and bringing disparate initiatives together while enabling the work of others to deliver, rather than trying to do everything itself.

How is the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership structured?

The Partnership is business led. The private sector chairs the Executive Board and form the majority of the board membership. Senior academic figures are also at the heart of our work. Local authority members are responsible for helping to stimulate growth and protecting the environment.

Who does the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership represent?

The Partnership has to work for all of its stakeholders in business, academia, local authorities, and other sectors. Business representation comes from across all sectors and all sizes of business. It exists to improve the economic livelihoods for families across Oxfordshire.

How is the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership funded?

The Oxfordshire Local Partnership has received some funding from the Government but the majority of resources that directly fund the Partnership come from Oxfordshire County Council. District councils, business and academia provide critical in-kind support.