LEP Priorities

All OxLEP strategies encompass our four priorities of people, place, enterprise and connectivity.

These priorities helped to frame our Strategic Economic Plan, to which our other strategies are based on, and reflect the areas that will strengthen Oxfordshire's position as a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive and world leading economy driven by innovation, enterprise and research excellence. 

OxLEP Priorities:

Deliver and attract specialist and flexible skills at all levels, across all sectors, as required by our businesses, with full, inclusive employment and fulfilling jobs.

Provide the quality environment and choice of homes needed to support growth and capitalise upon the exceptional quality of life, vibrant economy and the dynamic urban and rural communities of our county.

Encourage innovation led growth, underpinned by Oxfordshire’s strengths in University research and development, business collaboration and supply chain potential.

Allow people to move freely, connect easily and provide the services, environment and facilities needed by a dynamic, growing and dispersed economy.