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About OxLEP

As the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), it is our role to champion Oxfordshire’s economic potential, acting as a catalyst and convener to drive a dynamic, sustainable and growing economy.

About Oxfordshire Alt Row

About Oxfordshire

We continue to reaffirm a world-leading economic position, with many global organisations regularly highlighting the success of the county's economy.

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Our People

Our team brings together a wealth of experience across a number of key areas, all with the aim of supporting Oxfordshire's world-class economy.

Capital Programmes Alt Row

Capital Programmes

We have successfully-secured major funding through various Government programmes, invested into key areas helping our economy to grow.

Our Strategies Alt Row

Our Strategies

In Oxfordshire, we benefit from a successful economy with many global assets. It is our aim to create and maintain conditions that make our county the location of choice for world-leading businesses.

Our Governance Alt Row

Our Governance

Our Board has a duty to ensure our financial affairs are conducted in an environment of good governance and financial probity.

It does so by maintaining a governance framework to ensure our staff work within the parameters set out by the Board.

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Our Latest Vacancies

Operating as the Local Enterprise Partnership, representing one of the best-performing economies in England, we offer exciting and fulfilling job opportunities across a number of key areas.