Please take a look at our range of publications, helping you to understand the role and impact we make as the Local Enterprise Partnership for Oxfordshire.

Business plans:

Current plans:

Download our business plan, 2019 to 2021   Download our business plan, 2019 to 2021: ANNEXE 1

Archived plans:

Download our business plan, 2016 to 2019   Download our business plan, 2016 to 2019: ANNEXE 1

Audited annual accounts:

Current audited accounts:

Download our audited accounts: 2020/2021

Archived audited accounts: 

Download our audited accounts: 2019/2020

Download our audited accounts: 2018/2019    Download our audited accounts: 2017/2018 

Download our audited accounts: 2016/2017    Download our audited accounts: 2015/2016

Annual reports and impact reports:

Current annual report:

Review our 2020/2021 activity

Review our 2020/2021 impact report

Archived annual reports:

Review our 2019/2020 activity    Download our annual report: 2018/2019   

Download our annual report: 2017/2018   Download our annual report: 2016/2017    

Download our annual report: 2015/2016   Download our progress report: 2011 to 2015

Delivery plan:

View our Delivery Plan for 2021/22 

Economic Recovery Plan:

Download: Oxfordshire's Economic Recovery Plan (action plan)    

Download: Oxfordshire’s Economic Recovery Plan (economic baseline assessment)    

Download: Economic Baseline Addendum – Updated Forecasts April 2021


Download our current governance structure (January 2021) 


Download our Internationalisation Delivery Plan to 2025

Local Industrial Strategy and Energy Strategy:

Download the Oxfordshire Local Industrial Strategy    Download: 'Oxfordshire Local Industrial Strategy - A brief overview'

Download: The Oxfordshire Investment Plan    Download: 'Oxfordshire Energy Strategy - A brief overview'

Download: 'Pathways to a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire'   Download: 'Pathways to a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire' summary

Local Skills Report and Plan:

Please note, the 2022 Local Skills Report and Plan and Annexes are currently being drafted. The final version will be available to download shortly.

Download the OxLEP Local Skills Report and Plan March 2022

Download the OxLEP 2022 Local Skills Report and Plan Annex A and B

We commissioned a data review and report on the skills, employment and enterprise of Oxfordshire’s ethnic minority communities in order to inform the Local Skills Report and Plan. You can download the full report, a summary of key findings and bitesize version below.

Download the full Skills, Employment and Enterprise of Oxfordshire’s Ethnic Minority Communities Report

Download a Summary of Key Findings from the Report

Download a Biteseize Version of the Report

The 2021 Local Skills Report and Plan and Annexes are available to download below.

Download our 2021 Local Skills Report and Plan 

Download our 2021 Local Skills Report and Plan Annex A and B


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Other strategies:

Download our Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)    Download our Creative, Cultural, Heritage and Tourism Strategy 

Download our Environmental Strategy    Download our Innovation Strategy 

Download our Skills Strategy    Download the Oxfordshire Science Innovation Audit: Full report

Download the Oxfordshire Science Innovations Audit: Summary   

Download the Oxfordshire European Structural Investment Fund Strategy 

Download the Culture and Visitor Economy Sub-group 'Arts and Culture Strategic Framework'    

Operating plan updates and LGF dashboards:

View our LGF Delivery Plan 2020/21    Download our completed projects list  

Download our current operating plan (Q4)     Download our current LGF dashboard (Q4)