Annual Report 2021/2022: OxLEP – a constant in an ever-changing business landscape

Annual Report 2021/2022: OxLEP – a constant in an ever-changing business landscape

Welcome - Nigel Tipple for 21/22

Welcome – Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive

Take a look as our chief executive, Nigel Tipple, looks back on our significant impact during 2021/2022, as we have continued our quest to support businesses of all sizes and sectors as thousands of companies continue to recover from the difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Our impact in numbers - 21/22

Our impact in numbers

Our impact continues to reach all four corners of Oxfordshire.

Whether it be a positive intervention supporting a struggling business, promoting Oxfordshire's world-leading innovation ecosystem or backing companies to create their own talent pipeline, collectively, our reach into our business community is significant. 

Supporting our business community - 21/22

Supporting our business community through turbulent times

Over the past 12 months, we have continued to listen, adapt and deliver support programmes for our business community that has helped them to remain resilient, productive and even diversify their delivery. 

With a tight labour market, rise in the cost of goods and energy prices inflated, we have worked hard to support Oxfordshire companies at such a testing time. 

Our work in action - 21/22

Our work in action

Across several operational areas at OxLEP, we have strived hard to work with our business community to ensure that the support they receive makes an impact and a difference.

Our work doesn't just support businesses that we work with, but also our wider Oxfordshire communities too. 

Net-zero future - 21/22

Driving forward a cleaner future for all

Like any organisation, we recognise how important a cleaner, more sustainable future is for everyone.

We have taken this challenge on at OxLEP, in particular, highlighting just how world-leading technologies, being developed in Oxfordshire, can bring-about a monumental change for us all. 

Our governance and finances - 21/22

Our governance and finances

We make every effort to ensure our decision-making is transparent, accountable and delivers the value for money that is expected of a government-funded organisation.

To underpin this, the Government ensure that we adhere to a National Assurance Framework, ensuring robust systems, protocols and processes are in place, right across our work.

Looking ahead – Jeremy Long, Chair - 21/22

Looking ahead – Jeremy Long, Chair

As businesses continue to find their feet following a turbelent two years, Jeremy Long looks ahead and outlines OxLEP's continued desire to support Oxfordshire businesses, promote our world-leading innovation assets, evolve our programme of activity and engage with even more companies across the county.