Our impact in numbers

Our impact in numbers

Our impact continues to reach all four corners of Oxfordshire. Whether it be a positive intervention supporting a struggling business, promoting Oxfordshire's world-leading innovation ecosystem or backing companies to create their own talent pipeline.

With our many partners, we have now secured over £1bn of investment for Oxfordshire to-date, not just benefiting individual companies and workforces, but many communities too.

Key capital programmes delivered over the past 12 months include the 'Meanwhile in Oxfordshire' project – supporting the repurposing of existing business and retail space – the Green Construction Skills Centre at Abingdon and Witney College, the Activate Learning Hospitality Suite and the Life Sciences Lab Space project at the Wood Centre for Innovation

Over the past year, we have directly supported over 1,500 businesses and we have triaged just under 1,300 businesses to the right support.

We introduced a new virtual work experience platform, that 70 top Oxfordshire businesses were able to showcase their career opportunities to hundreds of young people from across the county, at a time when face-to-face discussions were limited. 

And we have ‘flown the flag’ for Oxfordshire internationally too, helping to secure 38 foreign direct investments for the county, leading to 450 jobs being supported.

But, of course, behind each statistic is either a business we’ve helped through a potential crisis, somebody’s job secured, or even a career choice inspired.

We are under no illusions what our support can bring to people and our impact cannot be underestimated.

£1bn of investment for Oxfordshire secured to-date.
1,500 plus businesses directly supported over the past 12 months.
1,300 businesses triaged to the right support in the past 12 months.
38 foreign direct investment projects landed during 2021/2022.
765 jobs directly supported through FDI successes in the past year.
70 top Oxfordshire businesses using a new, virtual work experience platform.
£2.09m-worth of grants delivered to 38 companies through our Business Resilience Fund.
1132 referrals made to other local and national programmes of business support.
30 new apprenticeship ambassadors recruited.
22,500 followers across our social media platforms.
27 Local Growth Fund projects now completed in Oxfordshire.

"It’s worth remembering that behind each statistic is either a business we’ve helped through a potential crisis, somebody’s job secured, or even a career choice inspired. We must never underestimate the value of our work to many businesses and communities in Oxfordshire and beyond."

Nigel Tipple – Chief Executive, OxLEP

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We are privileged to work with so many Oxfordshire businesses, of all shapes and sizes, supporting them on their own unique set of of journeys. 

It is our aim to simplify the business support landscape and help individuals and businesses to easily connect.

We are here to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and socially-minded enterprises find the support they need by offering prompt, friendly, impartial advice and signposting them to the right support suited to the situation they face. 

We take a positive approach in understanding what each business is looking for, whether that be growth, recruitment, diversification or building a talent pipeline. 

Of course, our support is multi-faceted and encompasses many different areas through our Growth Hub, Skills Hub and inward investment programme. It's this flexibility in approach that supports us to create a substantial offer to businesses who work with us from right across Oxfordshire and beyond. 

Take a look at some of the businesses we have supported over the past 12 months and the key role we have played.