Angus Horner

Angus Horner

Deputy Chair, representing Science Vale (private sector)

Angus is focused on providing real estate, marketing, collaboration, networking and other support to organizations, people and places inside the UK Knowledge Economy - this is achieved through:

  • Director and Shareholder, Harwell Science & Innovation Campus Limited Partnership and associated companies (2013 to 2021)
  • Various other company directorships
  • Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

In 2011, Angus established a consortium that secured a contract to acquire Pfizer’s three million square feet Campus in Kent (then Europe’s largest for life sciences R&D). In 2013, he founded what is now the 50% private sector shareholding in the Harwell Campus Partnership, to help UK Government accelerate growth – e.g. from a working population of 4,700 to ultimately over 20,000 people, to generate major GVA impact in the UK economy.

Angus is a firm believer in the power of research and innovation to deliver improved health, economic and social wellbeing. He Lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and children.

Other interests include:

  • Governor of St Birinus School
  • Director of Didcot First and  various Oxfordshire groups including A34 Safety and Bishop Colin Fletcher’s Strategic Authority Group
  • Homeless volunteer with Salvation Army .
  • Sport: Surfing eight countries, previously Sevenoaks Mens Hockey 1st XI and Qualifed Elite Men UK Triathlons.

Area of responsibility: Science Vale businesses

Angus' declaration of interest