Peter Nolan

Peter Nolan

Board Director

Peter Nolan (Chief Business Officer at OxfordBioMedica) was appointed to Oxford BioMedica’s Board in May 2002, having been a senior member of the company since its foundation.

Until the end of 2013, he was also a Director of the UK BioIndustry Association and is a past chairman of the Oxfordshire Bioscience Network - he has broad experience and knowledge of the biotechnology section.

Prior to joining Oxford BioMedica, he served as head of the biotechnology Unit at the UK Department of Trade and Industry for eight years. In that role he was responsible for establishing and managing complex collaborative research programmes involving industry, research councils and other government departments.

Previously, Peter has held senior positions in the Laboratory of the Government Chemist and also the Metropolitan Police Laboratory in London, where he was a senior forensic scientist.

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