Our role in championing a zero-carbon future

Our role in championing a zero-carbon future

Embracing the need to ensure we are moving towards a zero-carbon future is critical and we continue to champion Oxfordshire’s capabilities in cleaner and more sustainable technologies.

At OxLEP, supporting our business community to understand what steps they can take, signposting them to relevant advice and funding on sustainability, is a key ongoing focus for us, as well as securing investment for major projects that will have a long-lasting impact on a greener future. 

In addition, we want to highlight to key stakeholders – including Government officials, investors and collaborators and entrepreneurs both nationally and globally – of the expertise that exists in Oxfordshire, with the capability of providing solutions to the world's greatest challenge and leading the way in reducing carbon emissions at pace.   

Here are some of the projects and initiatives we are invested in, supporting a drive towards a zero-carbon future. 

“The 'Pathways to a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire' report couldn’t be timelier with COP26 now just a few months away. It offers our businesses and key decision makers practical solutions as to how we can create a zero-carbon future in Oxfordshire and – collectively – we absolutely encourage all communities from across the county to embrace it.”

Ahmed Goga - Director of Strategy and Programmes