Key Industries

Key Industries

Automotive & Motorsport Alt Row

Automotive & Motorsport

Oxfordshire's world-renowned automotive trade and the iconic 'Motorsport Valley' sit at the heart of a global cluster of high-performance technology, motorsport and advanced engineering companies.

Creative & Digital Alt Row

Creative & Digital

Over 3,000 creative and digital businesses are based in Oxfordshire, with many capitalising on these ever-growing sectors.  

Electronics & Sensors Alt Row

Electronics & Sensors

Our county boasts a globally-established electronics industry with over twice the national proportion of people employed in the field of optoelectronics, compared to any other area in the UK.

Life Sciences Alt Row

Life Sciences

We are home to a vibrant life sciences cluster, embracing drug discovery and development, diagnostics, medical technology, lab reagents, bioinformatics and digital health.

Space Technologies Alt Row

Space Technologies

Oxfordshire is a major player in both the UK and European space industries, operating right at the heart of the UK’s space industry.